Supplying and developing

Celebrating generations of textile proficiency and engineering skilfulness. Since 2005, we have been the leading solutions provider for the supply and development of technical textiles worldwide.

Bringing a Swiss perspective to all processes, we allocate the most innovative and sustainable solutions in the technical textile domain.

For wind, energy, marine and aeronautic system manufacturers, we produce peel-ply fabrics.

For the European and North American markets, we are providing advanced base fabrics for sun protection products, print media products to leading finishing, coating and printing companies.

We are the supplier of top quality automotive weaving yarns, PATY, PDTY and PFDY to Germany’s leading automotive upholstery manufacturers.

For decades, we are developing high quality and sustainable polyester, polyester/cotton and 100% cotton base fabrics for the abrasive industry.

Since 2016, we developed the world’s only technology behind the first fully certified 100% recycled cotton.

For the highest quality home furnishing base fabrics, we are supplying inherent flame retardant fibres and yarns for highest industrial standards to the markets of Switzerland, Germany, France, Turkey and North Africa.

We provide top quality sustainable fabrics to the composite and coating industry as well as scrim, base and support fabrics for lamination and synthetic leather process.

Our supply chains can be found in:
- Turkey
- Indonesia
- China
- Pakistan


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