RCO100 100%

Connecting sustainability to the art of conscious living.
The power of innovation and sustainability is demonstrated in our technology. Green business begins with Säntis Textiles.

Our world has revolved around recycling since 2005.

From 100% recycled polyester to 100% recycled cotton.

Say hello to our one-of-a-kind sustainable 100% Recycled Cotton.

Through our very own RCO100 tech, We offer a variety of 100% recycled cotton products allowing us to cater specifically to your needs. Our 100% recycled cotton variants include wovens in the form of denim, chino, oxford and flannel shirting. Furthermore, we offer 100% recycled cotton knits such as single jersey, french terry and polo piquet.

Redefining the Future of Textiles.

Our 100% recycled cotton is the first of its kind in the market. This recycled cotton fabric is made from pre- and post- consumer cotton, textile waste and leftovers from fabric production. We spin this waste, collected from over 100 sources in 3 countries, into strong staple fibers with impeccable quality. Not only is this officially verified, but also when woven together, they create the highest quality of sturdiness and durability, perfect for daily use.

Our Roots Matter.

Our 100% recycled cotton fibers come from pre-consumer cotton waste stemming from the apparel, home furnishing and bed sheet industry. Furthermore, we implement textile waste and leftovers from fabric production into our fibers. Today’s technology allows us to gradually blend in post-consumer waste. Out of this waste, we make green, sustainable treasure. We save and reuse what would otherwise be discarded to be burned or dumped in landfills.

Our Clients include PVH.

We value familial partnerships and quality product over everything. Our range of sustainable RCO100 products are provided to our customers worldwide. We produce the highest quality 100% recycled denim, chinos and knits for Tommy Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein Jeans.

Think Green, Be Green. With a dedicated product, comes more transparency. We believe that it is our responsibility to open up the conversation about sustainable and circular textiles.