Supplier of base fabrics for sun protection products, print media products to the leading finishing, coating and printing companies in Europe and the USA.

Supplier of top quality automotive weaving yarns PATY, PDTY, PFDY to Germany's leading automotive upholstery manufacturer.

Supplier of polyester, polyester/cotton and 100% cotton base fabrics for the abrasive industry.

Supplier of peel-ply fabrics to manufacturers of wind energy, marine- and aeronautic systems.

Developer of world's first fully certified 100% recycled cotton.

Supplier of highest quality home furnishing base fabrics to Switzerland, Germany, France, Turkey and North Africa; made of inherent flame retardant fibers and yarns for highest industrial standards.

Supplier of top quality fabrics to the composite and coating industry.

Supplier of scrim, base - and support fabrics for lamination process, synthetic leather process.


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